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Teacher's Lounge, Monday morning

Drake was actually spending the morning being productive, which was highly unusual for him, particularly on Mondays. He was lounging in the lounge as one does, but he was also making a list of the books of which he needed to make sure the library had several copies available. He needed to make sure the movies were readily available as well, and not the X-rated versions this time. Really, that had been an honest mistake!

[Open to teachery types, natch. Come pet the demon, he likes it.]
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Colette barged in from setting up her office, poured herself a cup of coffee, and made a horrible face.

"Why are they serving mud and calling it coffee?" she asked. Her voice carried a heavy French accent. "There may be people who like to drink mud, but I am not among them."
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"If there is not there should be," Colette said, and added so much cream and sugar to her coffee it qualified as dessert -- but was, at least, drinkable if you didn't think about it too hard. "They could fine the school."

Drake got a cursory smile. "Forgive me for not introducing myself. I'm Colette Tatou."
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"Are they really that bold?" Colette wondered, barely joking. "I was hoping they'd be ... you know. Submissive. Easily cowed. Good students."

"I'm teaching cooking," she added. "Dèmon is an unusual name, is it not?"
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Colette blinked at that reaction and frowned. "Are you claiming you actually are a demon?"
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Colette processed that for a moment before starting to laugh.

"Is that how you haze new teachers?" she asked. "Back in the restaurant we'd send new cooks to the market to find a baby lobster's wing. That is the same sort of story, non?"
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"Do you always tell girls that?" Colette wondered, still assuming he was joking. "Somehow I do not see it as a very effective pick-up line."
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Colette poked at her coffee cup with a stirrer. "I do not suppose someone put very strong drugs into this muck..."
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Colette grumbled something under her breath.

"I have seen a rat make a souffle," she finally said. "So I think, why not? I never thought I should meet a demon."
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"Good. I like my teeth," Colette answered suspiciously. "Is what you said why you want to be human? The books and poetry?"
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"How do they feel about cooking?" Colette asked. "I think it is the greatest living art there is in how it transforms things from simple meat or plants to that which feeds the heart."

She wasn't pretentious. She was French.
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"You should come by after one of my classes some Tuesday," Colette offered. Demon or not, she appreciated anyone who liked good food. "I'm hoping to find some hidden talent among the students."
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"Everything I make is better than 'nice,'" Colette promised, sipped her coffee again, and grimaced despite the sugar. "Including my coffee. I look forward to seeing you."

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Summer decided she could do with a break, after checking out her office and planning what items would go where. Yes, she had it all worked out in her head.

"Morning," she smiled and decided a cup of coffee would do her some good.

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"Is that so?" Summer arched an eyebrow, somewhat amused. "I'm not sure I have as good a palette as the French. I tend to like any coffee I'm drinking," she added.

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"Whatever works, right?" Summer smiled, nodding slightly. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Summer Pitt, also new to the teaching gig. I'm covering Oceanography this semester."

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Summer looked surprised. She recalled what Anakin had told her on the shuttle and decided to try for a suspension of disbelief.

"I don't about the kraken but the mermaids could work," she replied, wondering if he could actually do that.

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Glinda came in... to clean. Yes, she's odd like that.

"Hello!" she said, stopping to look at the new guy. Mmm, hello! "We haven't met yet. I'm Glinda Upland."

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"An appropriate name for one who's so devilishly good-looking," she replied. "I'm currently teaching 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'."

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That earned him a delicately arched eyebrow raise. "What sort of literature are you teaching?" she asked, returning the smile.

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"Oooh, how exciting! I must admit that I don't typically read the adventure genre except in romance novels but I might have to pick one of those up."

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Glinda laughed. "Can I get your number? I might need you the next time I can't figure out what to wear." After she'd gotten the titters out of her system, she continued. "What period is it? I might just have to do that."