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Staff Meeting, Friday Afternoon (after classes)

Zoe had every intention of having a nice, quiet faculty meeting this afternoon.

Of course, that had been before she'd gone to the lounge and found every piece of furniture wrapped in bubble wrap.

When it became clear that removing the bubble wrap was going to take more time than she had to get set up, Zoe sighed, and left the furniture as it was. Maybe the bubble popping wouldn't be too distracting during the meeting. And maybe Deadpool and Barney would become model administrative leaders, while she was wishing for impossible things.
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Re: Before the Meeting [03/19]

[personal profile] tyler_gone 2010-03-19 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Tyler took some coffee and surreptitiously popped bubbles with his thumbnail. It was soothing.

Re: Before the Meeting [03/19]

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...heeeeey. Deadpool only ruled with an iron fist when Zoe wasn't looking. And he didn't always belittle students!

He was practically bein' a saint here!

"...Is this heaven?"

Re: Before the Meeting [03/19]

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"Don't you think I'd be announcing it to everyone if I did?"

Re: Before the Meeting [03/19]

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"...heeeeey, I haven't had a weird black out since Nate lived in my brain, I'll have you know," Deadpool replied sulkily. "And that was because he was a douche."

Re: Before the Meeting [03/19]

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Jim tried to look surprised when he walked into the lounge. The camera probably got his shocked face. It also caught his smirk as he planted himself in a chair hard enough to pop a bunch of bubbles.

Re: Before the Meeting [03/19]

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Paige was halfway through her coffee before she noticed the bubble wrap.

And then she wondered if it might be a good way to childproof the manor.

Re: OOC [03/19]

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Natalie linked me to a blog with office pranks on it. I have to deflect some blame to her.