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After her workshop, Veronica dropped by the teacher's lounge and put on a pot of coffee. She also had a tray of brownies she had baked over the weekend.

She sat at one of the tables and started working on her lesson for next week.
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It wasn't so much that Daisy had just grossly overestimated how much five teenagers could eat, really. It was just that she'd really gotten into a thing about it all last night when she was preparing for the class, and then rather hoped her class consisted of five miraculously ravenous teenagers. Unfortunately, it did not, they all seemed to have very normal, modest appetites, so there was a considerable amount of leftover...and healthy...goodies.

Well, she figured, teachers needed to eat as much as kids did, so once class wrapped up and she had some time to wait before Loki's did too to go bug him about how it went, she'd go and just leave them all in the lounge with a little sign imploring them to eat up, and, if they didn't, she was going to start thinking there was something wrong with the world if a person had trouble getting others to eat free food.

[[ open, of course, for teacherly types! ]]
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The students were not the only ones that needed a break from the stress of finals and graduation, and so Ghanima set herself up in the teacher's lounge, large boxes of moddable goodies from JGoB on the tables. Her work for the semester was done, but that didn't mean she couldn't share.

Teachers needed sugar too, darn it.

[Open for those of the educational-persuasion!]
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Zoe had been careful all week, staying away from both gremlins and people who might have been angry about getting bitten. (An actual feud between the Winchesters and the Skywalkers would just be unnecessarily messy.) She'd thought about canceling the faculty meeting, but with finals so close, there wasn't much time left to get all the teachers together. As she got everything set up for the meeting, Zoe had to drop her guard for just a few minutes, and that was all the time it took for a gremlin to sneak out and bite her on the ankle.

Forgetting about the agreement for a moment, Zoe swore and shook the gremlin off, and then looked down at herself. What was she doing? She couldn't perform for everyone dressed like this! Luckily, it didn't take long for her to go and find a much more appropriate red outfit and a guitar. Now she was ready to meet everyone!

[OCD is up!]
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Now that things seemed to be settling down, Fraser figured that now was a good time to gather up those teachers and unsettle them. But, in a good way! This morning found Fraser setting out a variety of breakfast food and drink in the lounge and posting a chaperone sign up list right above.

No one said he wasn't above bribery. Besides, he didn't think he'd need to bribe the teachers. They seemed to enjoy doing these things. Still, a little extra incentive didn't hurt.
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Before heading to her office, Zoe stopped at the faculty lounge and stuck a note on the door.

Today's faculty meeting is postponed until next week.
Fight if you must, but STAY SAFE.

She knew better than to ask everyone to stay inside, and she knew that most of the teachers had enough sense to not be reckless. That didn't mean she wasn't going to worry.
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There was a very cranky principal setting up the lounge for the staff meeting today. All the usual food and drinks were there, but in greater supply. As for Zoe, she was getting her frustrations out on the chairs as she banged them around into order.
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There was a dance coming up and, like all dances, this dance would needs responsible, adult chaperones.


Hopefully the adults would be on their best behavior that night and there would be no shenanigans or tackling or anything else of that nature. Fraser wasn't hopeful but it wouldn't be a dance without shenanigans, he decided.

Fraser posted a sign up sheet in the lounge for those teachers that wanted to attend the dance as a chaperone tomorrow. He also brought in some coffee and baked good for those teachers that just needed a bit of a break from the daily grind.
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Zoe was very happy that the power was working again as she made sure everything was set up for the staff meeting. While it might have been amusing to watch everyone huddle together for warmth, she greatly preferred the lights and the heat. There were still plenty of hot drinks on the table though, in case people hadn't quite warmed up yet.
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The teacher's lounge was once again set up for the staff meeting, with plenty of food and drinks, and one very glaring principal. Mwahaha!

[New teachers, make sure you check your invites to accept your invite to the comm, otherwise it'll screen your comments.]
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The teacher's lounge was set up for the staff meeting in much the same way as usual, except that, with the holidays approaching, there was a much wider and moddable selection of pies instead of other baked goods. Zoe had a feeling that people wouldn't mind.
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The teacher's lounge was set up in much the same manner as usual for the faculty meeting, except that there was a variety of candy out as well, in keeping with the theme of the day. If nothing else, Zoe figured chocolate and sugar were well-deserved by those who continued to survive working here.
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Zoe had called for a quick staff meeting before the carnival, not wanting to wait another week to make sure everyone was still alive and well. She hoped that the brevity of the meeting would prevent people from fighting, but she wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work out that way.
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With a busy weekend approaching, Fraser had opened up the lounge early this morning. He'd started some coffee, brought in some breakfast pastries and taken a seat so he could relax. It would probably be the last time he would be able to relax until Monday. Homecoming weekend was always fun but always busy.
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Zoe was so very glad that she was back to her old self today, not wanting to think about how strange it would be to run the staff meeting while looking like a man. She was hoping that everyone else was all right as well, so things wouldn't be awkward. At least, no more awkward than they were at the last meeting.

The fact that Zoe had purchased foam bats and innocently left them out on the table while everything else was being set up was just a sign that she was hoping any remaining awkwardness could be worked out somehow.
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Now that the semester was underway, Zoe thought it might be a good idea to start regular meetings back up, and had handwavily informed all the teachers of when and where to be. There was pie, juice, coffee, and tea to keep them there in case they didn't want to stay at first.
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After handwavily hauling more stuff to his office for the purpose of redecorating, Murdock decided to stop in and check out the teachers' lounge.

"Ooh, espresso!"

He whipped up a quick batch, probably way more than he should have moddably more than enough for anyone else who might want some and strolled around checking out the various other amenities the lounge offered.

He grinned at the dartboard, "Don't know ya dude, but I still gotta." Sprawling out on a chair he began to lazily fling darts at the image of Jamie Madrox.

(open! ***eta*** and there is now a fair amount of beer in the lounge as well. *g*)
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Tyler Stutterin' Ron Slaughter walked into the lounge hesitantly, as if he half expected it to sense him as a student and eject him with a loud blare of sirens, possibly stripping him down to his underpants in the process.

Instead he found ... a lounge. Perfectly normal, even nice, with the only off note being the Madrox dartboard -- and that was less an off note than a bit of comic relief. He filled a mug to the brim from the coffee pot ("Aye, they need t'order more o' th'filters," he noted to himself) and settled into a chair, wondering if anyone else would come in.

Weirdly, "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" kept going through his head.

[OOC: Open to staff.]
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Fraser finally remembered there was a teacher's lounge. Sure, he'd known it was there all along but between projects, offices, and magically moving islands, the existence of the room had somewhat slipped his mind.

But, he decided to open it this morning, complete with freshly baked (not my him) donuts and some juice. There were magazines, books, comfortable chairs and, of course, the dartboard.

The teacher's lounge was open.

[Teacher's lounge is open for all current faculty! Talk to Fraser, relax, what have you.]
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With the end of the semester on the horizon, there was time for one more faculty meeting. The lounge was set up as usual, with various kinds of pie, as well as juice, coffee, and tea. Happy teachers didn't destroy their students during their finals, after all.


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