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This community is specifically for the teachers of [community profile] fandomhigh to gather, relax, contemplate life's higher meanings, and bitch about their rowdy students. Here, academia meets...well, a bunch of exhausted professors in major need of a powernap.

The good thing about the teachers' lounge is that it's elegantly decorated, it's mor

The bad news is that eventually, you have to leave.

Only [community profile] fandomhigh teachers may enter the teachers' lounge. The bouncer is a giant pink teddy bear with fangs named Biff. Try not to piss her off.

This journal is solely for the teaching staff and administration of the [community profile] fandomhigh roleplaying game, none of whom are owned by the people portraying them. Funny how that works.

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actively evil teachers, alien invasions, alternative universe shenanigans, angst, aretha hats, avoiding detention, banana innuendos, banthabell, barrels of rum, being a headache, being possessed, being sneaky, being very very stupid, booby traps, boykissy, break-ups, breasts, cabin wars, cakey goodness, call-in programs, clones, coffee ponds, common room hijinks, cookie stealin' monsters, crates of rum, dancing lemurs, dorm parties, drama, drunken broadcasting, dying from code, eavesdropping, emocoma, euphemisms, evil plans, evil twins, family drama, family issues, fandom high, fandom_radio, fixing canon, flamewars about pie, flasks of rum, forbidden love, free rum, game nights, getting a date, getting stood up, girlkissy, glitter, glitter flags, graduation, gremlins, grudges against jack burton, harlots, having a headache, high school, holding illogical grudges, homecoming, hot mountie, hot teachers, humor, imitating trees, inconsiderate roommates, incriminating photographs, jam, jeff god of biscuits, jello dragons, jugs of rum, listening to teal dear, locker 327, logan-who-used-t'be-a-bunny, lots of drama, lots of needless drama, lots of rum, magic, making out, matey-wit'-the-hat, meerkats, migraines, missing tail-a, missing the obvious, mocking stupid people, mocking the emo, mocking the needless drama, mortal peril, mr. canute mimir fluffypants, mummies, ninjas, non-related clones, not writing home, pie/coffee otp, pie/milk otp, plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaague, pointless protests, poker nights, pop quizzes, prom, public humiliation, public nakedness, random attacks of weather, random pets, rigged elections, rum, rummy, saving teal deer, scotch, scrapbooking, seawhores, shirtlessness, shrubs, snark, snow monsters, spoon ninjas, squid attacks, squirrels, stickbugs, stone angels, stupid dares, talking toasters, the pirate, thinking squirrels need raises, thinking squirrels rule, toast, toby's tears, trees that attack, turning into an animal, underaged drinking, voyeurism, wacky mishaps, weetiny bunnies, weetiny weekend, wondering why me, wondering wtf, wtfh, zombies
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