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Staff Meeting, Friday Afternoon (after classes)

The teachers and staff had all been handwavily notified that the first faculty meeting of the semester would be this afternoon, and even if they hadn't read the e-mail, the food in the lounge might have given away the fact that something was going on. As usual, there had been splurging for pie, and a number of moddable flavors were spread out across a table, with other goodies from the bakery, and a variety of drinks. (All non-alcoholic, of course. Surely, it was too early in the term for anyone to need a real drink!)

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Re: Before the Meeting [09/11]

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"How long have you been here?" Aeryn asked, unsure if she'd asked this before.

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"I just started over the summer, so not all that long, compared to some of the others," she said. "I do not know how some people have managed to stay here for so long without losing their minds completely."

Re: Before the Meeting [09/11]

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"Probably didn't have them to begin with." This was probably true.